Zoom Out

Steve Mass – Associate Worship Pastor

Have you ever played Zoomed In? It’s the game where you look at images up close, to where they are almost in distinguishable, then you have to guess what the image is zoomed out. I remember playing this and how difficult this really is! Sometimes you think with full certainty that you know what it is only to zoom out and discover it was completely different.

I was thinking this week about how good Satan is at lying to us, and how gullible we can be to believe those lies. Maybe these will ring a bell if you’re not sure what I mean; “I’m not good enough”, “No one loves me”, or “I don’t deserve that”. I think most people could say that they struggle with buying into these lies or half truths. Satan tries to get us to focus on a very small part of our insecurity and keeps us staring at it…hypnotized…for as long as we let him keep us there.

Thankfully God has a better view of things. He gives us access to view things the way that He does. He reaffirms us with truth through the Bible, through other Christ followers, and prayer. He wants us to have a clear view of who we are and who He designed us to be so that we can grow and bless His kingdom. If you battle with that today, know that you are loved by Him. Know that you have worth, and know that God is for you.

Zoom Out

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