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Yesterday, I had the chance to spend the morning with Jon Moton and some of our CSM students at the 43rd Annual FCA Fiesta Bowl Breakfast. It was an awesome experience for many reasons, except for the fact that Jon forgot to tell us all to dress fancy.

Thanks Jon.

Despite that small oversight, I was struck by a thought as I was sitting in the presence of these great athletes. We all have craziness in life, and it is the way we respond to the crazy that can propel us to greatness.

Cory Redding, who plays defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals, shared a little of his story with us. He told us that in high school he was caught up with the wrong crowd with friends who weren’t really his friends. One day, he showed up to an informational meeting about the school football team, totally high, and saw the seniors getting letters from colleges about playing on their teams. He looked around at himself, his entourage, and the life that was ahead of him. That was the defining moment for Cory, a moment when he decided to change the course of his life.

We heard story after story like that from the athletes attending the breakfast. Stories about the role of faith in helping them overcome adversity in their lives. They feared uncertain futures, worried about their struggling families, faced catastrophic letdowns, and wrestled with their purpose in life.

I can sure relate to those challenges. I think we all can. But then why don’t we all end up at the top of the mountain, having overcome the adversity? Why doesn’t my story turn out like yours, or Cory’s, or the next person’s?

If you were around Central for our ‘Potential’ series, you may remember the idea that an object at rest remains at rest until acted upon by an unbalanced force. For Cory, that unbalanced force that acted upon his life was God. He chose to surrender the control of his life to Christ. That was his response to the crazy of his life. He could have ignored it, pretended it wasn’t that bad, or found ways to numb the pain. But he didn’t. He turned to Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says,

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

As we wrap up 2015 and look ahead to a new year, this is the time that we all take a serious look at our lives, some more seriously than others. Come January 1, we will promise to make changes in our lives. But for some of you, small changes aren’t enough. You are looking around at your entourage and the life that’s ahead of you and you know in your heart that something’s got to change. It’s time to finally give control of your life to Christ and become new again. The good news is, in Christ, it’s possible.  Plus, it’s for everyone. Cardinals fans, Bears fans, Packers fans, and yes, even Seahawks fans!

But why wait until New Year’s? Make today, right now, the defining moment of your life.

Your Defining Moment

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