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Almost a year ago, I wrote a blog with the title “You want me to WHAT?!” and I explained my emotional journey of being asked to be the Mesa campus junior high pastor and how terrified I was. As I approach my one-year anniversary of the terrifying phone call that would soon change my life forever, I have been reflecting on this past year and wanted to share three things with you.

First, Ephesians 6:7 “Serve wholeheartedly as if you were serving the Lord and not men.” It is easy to lose focus of your purpose. You’re probably thinking, you lose focus on God and you’re a youth pastor? Yes. As hard as it is for me to admit it, there are days that I forget who I am serving and the purpose of why I have been called to do what I do. Ephesians 6:7 is a verse that I constantly stick to as a reminder that no matter what you do in this lifetime, be sure its always for God’s glory and not you or someone else’s. The reality of working for this incredible, sovereign God and not a mere man, changes everything about what you do in this life.

Second, leadership is for everyone. For the longest time I never thought of myself as a leader nor did I want the opportunity to be one. I was terrified at the thought of it. However, the day I received that phone call asking me to step up and step out changed my perspective on this. We are all called to lead. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ and you have neighbors, friends, coworkers, family, classmates, roommates, guess what? You are a leader whether you like it or not. The question that then follows is HOW. How will you lead where you are at in your life? How will you lead for God’s Kingdom? My prayer for you is that you will seek out the “how” as you realize that you are all called to a greater purpose, which leads me into my third and most crucial point.

Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” I am an extrovert. I love people. People fascinate me. Teenagers intrigue me. However, there are times even extroverts need to seek solitude. I took a drive to Payson the other day just because. I stopped along the way near the Salt River, grabbed a camping chair, and planted myself along the stream of flowing water. I was seeking silence in my life because so often I am surrounded by noise. I needed to hear God’s voice, I needed Him to tell me all is well, and I needed to seek His guidance. As I left that place and continued to drive, He indeed laid something on my heart, “seek me and you will find me.” Relationships take time and effort. They require us to be selfless, forgiving, and to listen. How is this any different than our relationship with God? He wants to be sought after! He is indeed a jealous God and I have realized that if we do not constantly seek after Him then how will we ever know who we are serving?

Central, who are you living for? How are you leading well in your life? And are you seeking God with your whole heart? My prayer is that we won’t give up finding the answers to these questions as different seasons come and go in our lives. If there is one thing we want to get right in this world, it is living a life where God is glorified in all that we do.

“You want me to WHAT?!” Part Two

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