Jon Moton – Lead Pastor Student Ministries

Information is at our fingertips.  We can look up anything on anything.  We can get answers to questions.  We can get opinions.  We can get insights.  We can get information.  But information is not everything.

With information comes unrealistic understanding.  The more I know about something the more I think I understand something.

Now think about what this can mean in relation to our teenagers’ faith journey.  There journey can be like Wikipedia.  There faith can be a Wikifaith.  Our teens can go to church, attend a youth group, even serve.  The can get more and more information and fail to have the most important aspect:  A relationship with Jesus.

There is a danger in our teens’ faith journey. They can be doing so much, be involved with so much stuff, but never have a relationship with Jesus.  So how do we encourage our teens’ faith?

  1. Pray with your teen, and encourage to pray on their own.
  2. Let our teens be themselves.  Remember that God accepts us as we are and that only God changes our hearts.  When their heart is changed, their life changes as well.
  3. Let them praise God their way.  Find out what songs or methods they like to praise God and let them express it their way.
  4. Weave kingdom work in our everyday living.  Our teens need to see our Christian walk and how relevant it is in everyday living. Let our faith be seen in everyday interaction with others.

May we help our teens have an authentic faith and walk with Him daily.

Is My Teen’s Faith a Wikifaith?

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