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My children are at the age where they love to play hide and seek with their dad. They also love to be found, so they will make noise to assure that I don’t overlook them. I am curious to see when the transition takes place and they actually don’t want to be found due to their awesome hiding place. As a child of God, I can look back at times in my life where I attempted to hide from God, and even times where I felt God was hiding from me. Let me explain:

Early on in my life I chose to live in such a way that I knew God wouldn’t condone or bless. I felt His convictions, but when you are living in sin…you hide! Maybe you find yourself hiding right now because of a sin in your life. Let me assure you, no matter how good you feel your hiding spot is, God will not overlook you. In other words, you have already been discovered, now maybe you need to do some discovering of your own.

God is not hiding from any of us, but I do understand that you might feel that way at times.   As a pastor I see people throw up their arms in frustration because they can’t see or feel God working. Have you ever wondered if God throws His hands up at us?  We say, “where are you”, and God says, “where am I….where am I in your life, in your day, in your spare time?” Maybe the reason we feel God is hiding from us, is because we haven’t really been looking for Him.

Take some time and answer these two questions today.

1. Am I attempting to hide from God in any way?

2. Am I looking for God, in attempt to discover who He is and His purposes for my life?

Where are you God?

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