What’s Your Story

Monte Hunt – Assoc. Worship Pastor

You and I are made in God’s image (Gen. 1:26). Because of this there are things about us that are like God – things we have in common with Him. There is an inescapable godly commonality I’d like to focus on today, and that is His love of stories.

Everyone loves a good story. Everyone. No matter where you go if you want to capture someone’s attention tell them a great story. You can rattle off facts and figures to get your point across about something, but if you wrap up those same thoughts in a story, your chances of success in driving home your point go up exponentially.

Jesus knew this. So much of his ministry was spent in storytelling, and he was the master at it. He captivated audiences with stories like the Prodigal Son, or the Rich Man and Lazarus, or the Good Samaritan. All of these stories were saturated with wisdom, principal, and profound godly teachings. And those teachings are so well remembered because of the stories they are associated with.

Here is another way stories are cherished by us all. Think of something of yours that has sentimental value. Why are you sentimental about it? To anyone else it’s just an old t-shirt, but not to you. To you it’s the t-shirt you were wearing on your first date with the woman who is now your wife. To anyone else it’s just a guitar, but to you it’s the guitar your dad played, and the same guitar he taught you how to play on. To anyone else it’s just a picture of people they don’t know, but to you it’s a picture of the people who fill your life with stories. And that’s the point: to anyone else it’s just a thing, but to you it’s a cherished thing that represents a story or many stories in your life.

Stories drive us. Stories shape us. Stories move us and captivate us. And so it goes with God. He is the first and supreme author and has been writing His story since before time began. And the beautiful thing about God is that He has invited you and I to play a part in his story (of which He is the main character, not you or me, but that topic is for another time). Our story is a part of His grand story.

So what story are you writing? Because everyday we are given by God is a new page in the story of our lives, every year a new chapter. And my hope for you is that the pages of your life are filled not only with things that are good, or fun, or exciting, but above all with things that matter, with things that will last. Because more than anything else stories change people. And God wants to use your story to change the world. He did it through His Son Jesus – and He can do it with you.



What’s Your Story

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