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It’s a new year and with that comes all kinds of mixed responses. Some people like the fresh start; others maybe had the best year of their life in 2013. There usually isn’t an “in-between vote” for how the past year went. Most people I talk to can’t wait to change the calendar and start over. I’ve got to say that it’s pretty relieving to be able to take a deep breath and look ahead to what is coming and what might be.

No matter the season of life it is comforting to remember the promise that Jesus is with us…always. I’m able to look back on all the parts that were tough or hurtful and know that He was there. I’m able to remember with excitement all of the highs and still, know that He was there too. I get so caught up with questions like, “how did your year go?” that it can make me overlook the most constant thing: Christ and his faithfulness.

My New Years Resolution used to be to read my Bible through. I would hit Leviticus and burn out. I would feel so guilty that I’d stop reading for long periods of time. I would find myself in Psalms, or a NT Epistle and notice that I was feeling guilty. Leviticus was staring me in the face and so was my barely checked off Bible Read Through Plan. I’ve learned over the years that I can get lost in the goal and lose the motivation behind it. Maybe that’s why Christ’s mercies are new everyday and not at the start of the calendar year only, we need them, I need them.

So here’s my challenge – what’s it going to take for you to take your next step spiritually? If the desire and motivation is to fall deeper in love with Christ, the rest will naturally come. If you get stuck on the goal of completing a task you just might lose the thing you were trying to find.

What’s your motivation?

What’s your motivation?

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