What’s Wrong With This Thing?

Jaime Geideman – Associate Worship Pastor

The other day I was drying my hair and my hair dryer stopped working. In the past, I’ve tripped a breaker, and tripped the outlet that I plug the hair dryer in to. So, when it stopped working I checked the outlet, it was working properly and didn’t need to be reset. I checked the breaker and it was fine so I fired up the hair dryer again and it worked, for a little bit and stopped again. I checked the outlet and the breaker again, and yet again everything was fine. When the hair dryer stopped for the third time I knew something else must be wrong and when I took just a few seconds to look closely at the hair dryer it was very clear that the air filters all around the hair dryer were completely clogged with lint and causing the dryer not to function well.

I took just a few minutes to clear the filters and when I fired the dryer up, I felt like I was then using a jet fueled dryer to dry my hair with. I seriously could not believe how powerful the dryer is! I honestly can’t even recall the last time I cleaned that filter and to think the diminished power that I use on a regular basis because of how hindered my dryer is by lint is crazy. The diminished power becomes the new normal when it doesn’t have to be.

You may already see where I’m going here….but my hair dryer made me think about my walk with Christ…about your walk with Christ. I might be my hair dryer…you might be my hair dryer. (And no, not just because we’re full of hot air hahaha) We can be powerful tools for the Kingdom, and we might need to take a close look and see if we are functioning like it. Are we clogged with fear and doubt? Clogged with unworthiness and shame? Are we living in diminished power because busy-ness fills our filter? We can’t stop to help someone in need, because…we’ve got an appointment…

Diminished power does not have to be the new normal. If you feel like that might be something you’re experiencing then I encourage you to take time to pray and ask the Lord to reveal to you what might be clogging your filter.

Psalm 139: 23 – Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

Then I’d encourage you to connect with your Lifegroup leader and/or come to a weekend service and pray with one of our prayer partners who are available at the end of every service to pray with you.

What’s Wrong With This Thing?

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