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Hi, my name is Katrina and I have been a part of the Central Leadership Institute program in the Creative Arts Department here at Central. The focus of CLI is to further equip young leaders in ministries they feel called to as well as see us off as we embark to our next season.

I started the program in August and as January of this year hit and I started looking for jobs, interviewing and only finding closed doors. Despite the closed doors I came to a fully surrendered state that it’s okay to be where I am, in AZ, waiting and not knowing what’s next. I finally let go and gave it to God. I wrote a blog during the journey of coming to peace with things. Below are my heart’s words during that season.

A few weeks ago, God showed me that I couldn’t do life without Him. I have continually tried to do life on my own using my own strength, my own hopes, and my own wisdom and all I ended up doing was building a wall up and veiled my own sight to see God at work

The picture above was shown to me and a few friends in our CLI class and for the longest time I couldn’t see what it was. I listed off a few states, looked at it upside down and came to the conclusion that it was literally nothing, when in fact it’s the face of Jesus. Do you see it? When I finally saw it, the thought of, “Wow, I couldn’t even see Jesus and He was right in front of me,” came rushing to my mind. He’s there, just waiting for me to invite Him back in and telling me that He has the strength I need.

This season of my life seems like it just happened. Except then I graduated college. Now, after my yearlong internship I’m looking for what’s next; what my next step is. Where is it that I’m supposed to go? And have I been doing it all on my own? It’s easier for me to believe and know that God is doing mighty things in my friend’s lives, that He’s going to show Himself and reveal His plan for their lives soon. With my own life, I know these things, but there’s always a, “But….I applied for that job, but…I have the skill, but… I have to let go, I have to be content.” I have to rest in the fact that I don’t understand and just believe and allow God to move, and to work. Trusting Him. He’s right in front of me waiting, like He was in this picture waiting to be noticed or seen again. “

As I’m now able to look back on this writing and think about the past few months and the time God had me in, I can say that it was actually beautiful. So, since this picture was ‘revealed’ to me, God literally showed up and provided. As I stated above, I became content to stay and just “be” as I waited for God to open doors. I surrendered and let go. Then, it was as if God said, “Good, I am glad you are finally okay and surrender but this is what I have for you.” So, what’s next? I’m excited to announce that Harvest Lake Zurich is next. I accepted a position as a Worship Leader at Harvest Bible Chapel in Lake Zurich. Who moved in unfathomable ways? The guy in the picture, I see Him now. I pray that you do too.

Last but not least, I want to say thank you to Central as a whole for allowing me to come in and be invested in. Thank you to the staff that poured their time and energy into me as I learned for 11 months. And more than that, thank you to the team I was able to be a part of in the Creative Arts Department. You guys walked with me through some interesting learning curves and never gave up on me. I am truly, truly blessed. I’ll remember this time of my life until I can’t remember anymore. Thank you.

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