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From time to time people are shocked when they realize I am on staff here at Central. What’s shocking is that I’m on staff full time, like actually in an office Monday through Thursday and then I have the privilege of being a part of our worship services on the weekends.  I get a look like…huh?? And a reaction like, you are?? You do?? What do you do all day?? Here is a fun meme that gives a few examples on the thought behind what worship leaders do that I thought you might enjoy, check it out.


In reality, it takes a ton of work to plan services and create resources for everyone involved with the musical part of the service. Anyone on staff as a worship leader actually holds an administrative job in the office during the week as a service programmer, which includes myself, Steve Mass, Monte Hunt and Nathan Del Turco. We create plans for each service, come up with a flow of service that we think helps transition one element to the next, we come up with songs for the service, we are a part of the creative team on the whole helping come up with creative element ideas/themes, etc. for services.

We spend most of our days in front of a computer, sending and returning emails, programming details for each and every service at each campus, making sure that all teams have all the info they need for what is supposed to happen in the service. If someone is being baptized, a song is being sung, a live speaking element is happening, a video is playing etc. are all known to everyone based on our programming. Fun fact: our team types all of the lyrics that you read on the screens so that you can sing along with us each week. Maybe that wasn’t so fun but it was informative nonetheless 🙂 In addition to office duties, we manage, schedule, communicate and resource over 30 vocalists/worship leaders.  Manage, schedule, communicate and resource over 20 band members. We find music, record music, create music etc. that we feel will resonate with the hearts of the people of this Church.

As worship staff we have the privilege of writing on this teaching blog, every Thursday is a post from one of our worship staff so I hope you’ll check it out. Thanks so much for taking the time to check mine out. We get to pastor, develop and train all the folks who serve under us, this is also an incredible privilege. We facilitate & oversee auditions for anyone who wants to join the team and of course we do take time to practice and work on our own skills to rehearse and prepare for each weekend. We spend time in the Word and in prayer because this is a crucial part of leading well.

This time of year is very busy for our team and the Creative team on the whole as we prepare for Christmas services. It takes a lot to create a service plan, find every detail needed and then execute it for 20 services. I’m going to ask that you say a prayer for our team members and I’d love for you to encourage any of our worship team/creative team/production team that you run into during this month. Thanks so much, hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to see you at one of our Christmas services!

What would you say…you do here??

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