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Someone recently asked me a question that really made me think. They asked me, “If you could travel back in time and tell your 15 old self something about life what would you tell yourself?” I didn’t answer this friend because I honestly wasn’t sure what I would tell myself. You see, at 15 I was introduced to Christ for the very first time. If I could travel back and talk to my 14 year old self I would encourage her to meet Jesus way sooner than she actually does… but 15 is so different. As I thought about the last ten years of my life, I noticed all the change. I notice the anxiety of walking into the unknown, I see the sleepless nights of wondering what’s next, I feel the pain of what change can bring. As I thought about the conversation I would have with my sophomore year self, I came across this quote by Priscilla Shirer, now it’s a little lengthy so stick with me…

“Pain in your life right now? Something uncomfortable driving you to your knees in prayer? Remember that all pain is not a sign of something gone wrong. Some pain is designed to reveal the start of something new; something that God is going to birth through you: a new ministry, a new calling, a new endeavor, a new level of relationship with Himself. And sometimes, labor pain is the only way you can get jolted away from the regular endeavors of your life long enough to concentrate on what is to come. The pain is what causes you to look into the eyes of God and hear Him whisper, “It’s time. Push.” Something brand new is on the way. So push… and keep pushing until you are holding all that God has for you in your hands.”

I often approach change in my life with extreme hesitation. I am much like many others and I am a creature of habit who thrives in the known. I fear the change because I don’t know what to expect or what’s going to happen to me if I take the next step. I’d rather see the next ten steps down the path before I start walking down it. I’d rather live in the comforts of routine instead of facing the new adventure. The pain of change keeps me paralyzed at the mouth of a new trail.

The pain in life, the pain of the unknown, the pain of change, the pain of the Gardener pruning the branches in the end drives us to our knees. “The pain is what causes you to look into the eyes of God.” The pressure of life can get us to see past the every day routine and begin to look at what God is doing around us. He might be calling us to something completely brand new. Are our eyes open and bent on looking for God’s movements? Are our ears tuned to the quiet whisper of the Holy Spirit? Instead of cowering in fear from the pain of change are we leaning in to what God’s plan is?

I would most definitely tell my 15 year old self, my 25 year old self, and every future self that I can to lean into change. I want to be jolted away from the regular endeavors in my life to experience God’s perfect plan and will for my life. Change might be hard and painful, but it will never compare to the joy that will come in the end.

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”- Romans 8:18

What Would You Tell Yourself?

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