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Cal Jernigan – Senior Pastor

What’s the big deal with sin? Really! What?

Have you ever wondered why God is so set in his ways against sin? He is, you know. His Word is full of instruction to steer clear of sin…and even avoid any path that leads you near sin. What’s his problem? What does God have against sin?

This is an important question to ponder because each and every one of us has to make up our mind about what our attitude toward sin will be. This is true for believer and non-believer alike. We can easily blow God off and just go with the crowd. It’s easy to do. Most people do.

But should you? Are you wise to break the commandments that God has gone to such lengths to communicate to us? To decide to listen to God implies that you trust him even if you don’t understand him. This is harder to do than it sounds.

The very first words of the very first Psalm are these:

“Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers.”  Psalm 1:1

This whole thing reminds me of a truth I have discovered–painfully. Here it is: I have never disobeyed God, chosen to sin, and in the end prospered by it. Never! Let me be clear. I have disobeyed God and sinned more times that I care to remember, but never once, not even once have I felt when it was all said and done, I came out ahead. The sad truth is, whenever I choose to meander down the path of sin, I am reminded of why God said I was not supposed to be there. Gaining this wisdom comes with a high price tag though—pain. A LOT of pain. It is at this point in the journey that I discover what God knew all along—sin devastates our lives.

Here’s a simple truth. If sin were good for us, God would be good with sin. It’s not, so he’s not.

This week I read something J. V. L. Casserley wrote. He is a British theologian and philosopher. He made this simple observation:  We do not break God’s commandments—we break ourselves on them. Whenever we disobey God, we end up broken. He went on to suggest that the man who jumps out of a 10th story window doesn’t break the law of gravity, — he illustrates it.

You see, God’s laws were given to you to grant you life! God’s Word gives you insight into how a life is best lived. They are given to keep you from being broken. His instruction is straight up wisdom from the creator of our lives. Since God made us, he knows what’s best for us. That’s simply what his commandments are.

So what’s so wrong with sin? Sin separates us from God, enslaves us to our passions, and kills our spiritual life. Hmmm. This must be why God told us to stay clear of it.

I want to close with this thought from Mark Batterson:

“If you were to always act in your greatest self-interest, you would always obey God.”

Be smart. Trust God. He’s always known best.

What Makes Sin Sin?

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