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I was thinking about prayer the other day and how important it is to learn good prayer habits early on in life. I went to the Prayer Conference this past weekend and was so encouraged by the words that were shared! I couldn’t help but think about how powerful it would be if our teens began to pray.

Mark Batterson mentioned a quote during the conference that shook me. Here is the quote…

In the late 1800’s there was a great evangelist named Gipsy Smith. He had traveled the world twice, preaching in every continent, in many countries. Wherever he preached, revival broke out. One day a delegation of people from a certain community came to Gipsy and said, “We so desperately want to see revival in our area. It’s so dry and dead. What can we do to see revival?” Gipsy said, “I’ll tell you exactly how it will come about. You go home. Lock yourself in your bedroom. Take a piece of chalk. Put a circle on the floor of your bedroom. Kneel in that circle and pray fervently and brokenly that God will start revival in that circle.”

What if this was the attitude and practice of our teens? Can you imagine the impact! Sometimes we look to other people for change. We may pray for revival, but the true fact of the matter is that revival must start first with us.

I am challenged by this quote and I hope you are as well.

I’ll be praying as soon as this Blog Post hits the website, would you join me in prayer when you read it today.

What if our Teens prayed?

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