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I wasn’t raised as a Christian. When I say that I mean I didn’t grow up going to church, reading the Bible, or believing in God or Jesus. Actually, I had no idea who they were. My parents are awesome people who gave my sister and I great morals to live by. They also gave us the freedom to discover who we were and what we were passionate about. I could have ended up anywhere, but God had bigger plans for me that I couldn’t see.

As far as music goes, that didn’t come along until my Jr. High years. I actually hated the guitar previous to that because it hurt my fingers, probably because I was playing on an old nylon string classical guitar my mom had when she was a kid, corroded strings and all. So I gave that up for a while until I discovered that being a musician was a good way to get girls’ attention. I ended up being a teacher’s assistant for my woodshop teacher who had a guitar-building program that he ran. So I built my first electric guitar and began learning songs by ear and some online tablature.

Eventually I met a girl who brought me to church and I started helping play music with the worship team. Within that year I got saved, baptized, and started my journey with God.

Up until that point I couldn’t sing and play guitar at the same time. But in only 3 months somehow I was just able to do it. I hadn’t really put in a ton of time practicing but I had a feeling that God desired for me to use this to serve him. Shortly after that I got hired at a church to lead the student ministry and college groups. I forgot to mention that during this 2-year span I was accepted at William Jessup University to study psychology and bible theology.

Though extremely under qualified, a good friend and mentor took a chance on me because he saw something greater then what I could see.

Oftentimes, we have tunnel vision when it comes to seeing our potential. God knows what we are capable of, but too often we let the world and other people dictate our futures. I never would have thought I would have ended up in Arizona 10 years ago, let alone getting to play music for a living and work at a church.

When it comes to finding purpose and passion, don’t under estimate yourself. You were created to do more than exist. Our narrow sightline is a far cry from God’s plan for our lives, if we choose to follow him.

It takes faith, trust, and hope. And it’s hard. But I promise, it’s worth it. Don’t let tunnel vision keep you from finding your purpose.

Tunnel Vision

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