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“Siri, can you tell me where the closest Starbucks is?” Do you ever pause and think about how far technology has come? It blows my mind to think of all the information we have at the touch of a button. Whether you are seeking directions, statistics, weather, or the most winning program in college basketball (you should look that one up), no matter what you are looking for, you can likely find it in seconds…yes seconds.  My question is, how are we using it? One of the trends in our country today is how fast Biblical illiteracy is growing. As a pastor I have people ask me questions all the time about the Bible, and I am happy to answer. I have learned that a lot of folks want to know what the Bible says about different topics, specifically the life of Jesus. A common question might be, “what does Jesus say about loving others?” The crazy thing is, you can find that answer yourself in less than 10 seconds, unless of course you are still using a flip phone, in which I cannot help you 🙂 Seriously, next time you have a question about God or the Bible, simply hit the button and ask. The coach inside of me says, “no more excuses, you have everything you need.” Give it a shot right now!  What is something you have always wondered about in the context of Scripture? Today is the day you start seeking the answer instead of sitting on your question. Side note, not all the answers may be accurate so use good judgment and cross reference a bit. Good luck, and begin soaking up all the truth you can using nothing more than the touch of your finger.

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