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David is best known for two battles that he fought during his lifetime. The first, which we talked about last week, was against a giant named Goliath, which he won. The second was against his own lust, which he lost… Miserably!

Many of us are familiar with this story of David. In chapter 12 of The Story we read about David’s affair with a married woman named Bathsheba. She became pregnant from the affair, so David tried to cover his sin, first by trying to get Uriah, Bathsheba’s husband, to sleep with her. After Uriah refused out of respect to his fellow soldiers in battle, David tried to get Uriah drunk so he would go home to his wife. Uriah still refused. Finally, David sent Uriah to the front lines of the battlefield to be struck down by Israel’s enemies. David had Uriah killed to hide his sin. Soon after, Nathan the prophet confronted David about what he had done and David confessed to it.

What’s the point to all this? There are three things we can do about our sin:

  1. Deny your wrongdoing
  2. Stay silent and ignore it
  3. Confess and seek forgiveness

What you do with your sin will determine what your sin does to you. What are you going to do about your sin?

Verses from the message:

2 Samuel 11:1-17; Numbers 32:23b; 2 Samuel 11:25-27; 2 Samuel 12:5-7; Psalm 32:3-5; 1 John 1:9

Big Idea: What you do with your sin will determine what your sin does to you.

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Marvelous – Casey Darnell
My Heart is Yours – Kristian Stanfill
Great I Am – Jared Anderson
I Will Wait for You There – Phil Wickham

The Trials of a King

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