This Is Living

Monte Hunt – Assoc. Worship Pastor

Another year has come and gone. Time to stay up late into the night, count back from ten, break out the bubbly, and make that New Year’s resolution. Haven’t thought of one yet? Understandable. I mean, you’ve only had 364 days until now to come up with one. I know – how about a resolution to procrastinate less! And even if the clock strikes twelve and there’s no resolution to be made, you’re still in the majority (on average less than half the population participates in this annual ritual). And even if you do (imagine the character “Sadness” from Inside Out saying this next line) statistically only 8 percent of people stick with their resolution and everyone else fails… sigh*… what’s the point. So sad.

Resolution or not, maybe the last 52 weeks was a good run for you. Maybe you got a promotion at work, bought a new house, a new car. Or perhaps this last orbit around the sun has been anything but good. Perhaps you lost your job, had to foreclose on your house, or totaled your car. Wherever you may land on the circumstantial spectrum I encourage you to resist allowing those circumstances, good or bad, to determine your identity. Instead, always strive to attach your identity to the One who made you.

Why not start off this New Year by resolving yourself to draw closer to God, to gain a better understanding of Him, and to grow deeper in your relationship to Him. If you and I can resolve ourselves to do that, what a tremendous year 2016 could be for us all. Our God is the source of all things good, all things bright, all things new. Life – true life – starts with Him.

Finally, I encourage you to start this New Year by attending a service at Central this weekend. We’ll be singing the song “This Is Living” to start the service. Perhaps the words and music in this song is just the right motivation you need to see your relationship with God come alive. We hope to see you there! Happy New Year!

This Is Living

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