The Story of Joseph

Alex Enabnit – Programming Coordinator

For week two of our Christmas Short Stories, we looked at the story of Joseph.

Reading from Matthew 1, we see Joseph is not only a devout follower of God but he’s also in the royal lineage of King David. This isn’t any ordinary lineage, it was royal, meaning Joseph has a claim to the throne of David. In fact, if Rome hadn’t been in control of Jerusalem, Joseph would have been a contender as a king! From Matthew we also learn that Joseph is betrothed to a woman named Mary and probably has standard plans for life after that. But then there’s a twist – during the betrothal period, Mary is found to be pregnant. This is not what Joseph was expecting and probably not what he was hoping for either. But, just like our big idea today, the part God is asking you to play may be unexpected but it’s never accidental.

So Mary claims the baby is from God, but Joseph doesn’t believe her at first. At this point Joseph only really has two options, either go public with a divorce or divorce her quietly, so he decides to take the high road to quietly divorce her rather than publicly shame her as the law allowed. But that night he’s visited by Gabriel in a dream who presents Joseph with a third option: Mary’s story is true, and Joseph shouldn’t be afraid to take her as his wife.

Joseph takes the third option, but that doesn’t mean it will make things easier. Rumors will probably spread about him, as that fool who took an “adultress” as his wife. Sometimes following God can be like that; to others it just seems foolish. Sometimes they might even try to hold you back. But the joy of following God far outweighs the pain that others cause!

So as we get closer to Christmas, here is a good question to be thinking about: what part is God asking you to play? What is God inviting you into that will factor into the bigger story? Even more importantly, will you play that part?

Verses from the message:

Matthew 1:18-25 & John 8:41

Big Idea

Set List

Only King Forever – Elevation Worship
He’s Glorious – Central Music
Noel – Hillsong Young and Free
What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Music

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