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Continuing through the book of Luke, this weekend we started a new 8-week series called “Parables.” This series will cover multiple parables in Luke told by the master storyteller himself, Jesus. Today we looked at a popular parable from Luke 15.

In this passage Jesus presents a motif of being lost. First there is a lost sheep that a shepherd leaves ninety-nine others to find. Next there is a woman who turns over her whole house to find a lost coin. Last, and our focus for this sermon, came the lost sons.

There are many interesting details within this familiar story, but most interesting is the relationship between the younger and older brother. While the younger brother lived a blatantly sinful lifestyle, the older brother (the good one) felt entitled because of his obedience. The thing is, both of these brothers were rebellious, one by focusing on being bad, the other by focusing on being very good. Which brother do you most relate to?

Other verses and quotes used in the message:

Romans 8:38-39

“Jesus’s picture of justice is a forgiving father embracing a prodigal son, not a blindfolded Greek goddess holding scales and a sword.” Brian Zahnd

“The discoverer of the role of forgiveness in the realm of human affairs was Jesus of Nazareth.” Hannah Arendt, German Political Theorist

“Running FOR God can be just as exhausting as running FROM God.” Jud Wilhite

“The hearts of the two brothers were the same. Both sons resented their father’s authority and sought ways to getting out from under it. They each wanted to get into a position in which they could tell the father what to do.” Tim Keller, The Prodigal God

When we move toward God, He runs to us. Do you need to start moving toward God? He will always welcome you with open arms!

  • If you are spiritually lost… stop running!
  • If you aren’t spiritually lost, look for others around you and bring them to the party!

The Prodigals

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