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Half-mast eyes, achy, foggy… The alarm went off at 5:30am in hopes that I could have some good morning-time before the boys got up and I have to run to work. But I’m so tired. I want to lie in bed all day. And this is my prayer straight from my journal…

Dear Lord,

I want to cast all of my cares on You, but I’m just really blank. My one thought as I sit and write this is, my life doesn’t always feel on purpose. Sometimes I feel like I’m just surviving. I’m sure this is normal for most moms, especially working moms, but I’m dying to live every second on purpose and to feel more alive. I don’t want life to just happen to me. It’s going by way too fast. I want to live! …in peace, love, joy, and purpose. I want to enjoy every moment. I want to risk even when I doubt for the sake of trusting in You (eeks!). I want to live bigger. I want to love bigger.

Father, I pray for mindfulness today. To live in the present. To not be overcome by my daily tasks or proving myself to others. I pray that I can keep my eyes completely on You; that I can trust you with all of it. Help me to do the hard things today. You have placed me here in this moment with these relationships for a reason and a purpose. Please don’t let me fall into the trap of seeking who I am by what I do. Could you please help me with this? I love you for being a God who listens and understands and loves. I pray that I would put all of my faith in you and no one else. You are my Savior and my King.  I love you.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Prayer of a Tired Mama

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