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Talk about momentum!

As you woke up this morning, it was happening! We’ve been anticipating it and now it has happened! It is incredible!

It took place all across the valley. It’s something that doesn’t just happen by itself. Someone has to will it to happen. You did will it—and so it happened!

This morning over 1100 families woke up and celebrated Christmas!

Yeah, well so what?

These 1100 families, and all their children, opened presents that YOU gave them! 1100 families!!! Later today, many of them will gather around a dinner table and enjoy a meal that YOU provided for their family.

You gave 1100 families the gift of Christmas! All said, you covered Christmas for over 3500 children!

Perhaps this will serve as “the moment” that something significant with God begins in their lives!

Church, I don’t have enough words to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you, and how grateful I am for you! In a world where so few people seem to care about others, you cared! When so many people seem preoccupied with getting, you became obsessed with giving!

You have demonstrated in living color what it means to live out the mantra “There is more to life than me!”

The church is never as powerful, nor it’s message as compelling, as when it chooses to serve others. It is in serving others that an unbelieving world sees the real difference Christ can make it a person’s life. There is just nothing more attractive and worthy of notice.

And for this, church, I thank you! I thank you for personifying the gracious and merciful heart of Christ.

I just love what “Adopt A Family” has done to and for our church. Caring for others in this way has simply changed us…for the better. In truth it’s made us much better! Frankly I think participation in this ought to be required by anyone who calls themselves a part of Central! Yeah, it’s that meaningful!

I want to close this post by quickly telling you about an experience I had last week regarding Adopt a Family – it was a very significant moment for me! After my family and I had delivered presents to our adopted family, I stopped by the church just to say thanks to the folks that organized it all for us. While I was there, I was shown something and I WAS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by what I saw!

You know all those tags for toys on the Christmas trees on all of our campuses? Well, you all brought THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of toys and dropped them off at the church. This is what I saw: Trailers filled with boxes and boxes and boxes of toys and a literal army of servant ministers coordinating how to get them distributed to children who were to receive them. I have honestly never seen anything quite like this. I HAD NO IDEA HOW COMPLICATED THIS WAS! Yet right there, before my eyes, were incredibly capable and dedicated folks determined to figure it out and get the job done. The organization of this was like a machine. I was simply in awe! Only because of Christ would people do this!

So church, thank you! Thank you to all the Life Groups, families and individuals that brought Christmas to a family. Thank you to all of you who took a tag off a tree and brought a gift for a child. And thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who tirelessly and passionately organized the rest of us so that we could get this job done.

Seriously, thank you! Thank you for giving so many the gift of Christmas!

These are the kind of moments that last a lifetime! Since “momentum begins with a moment” — the momentum has begun!

The Moment it Began

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