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This weekend we jumped back into The Story with a heavy chapter – The Hour of Darkness.

In the message, the campus pastors discussed the dark time surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion in four movements: the upper room, the garden, the trial, and the cross.

In the first setting we see Jesus and His disciples in the upper room with the basin for washing everyone’s feet. Normally a task reserved for the lowest servant, Jesus washes all of the disciples feet. In the upper room, we wrestle with the darkness of pride by serving.

In the second vignette, Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane, agonizing about His suffering. Jesus even asks God if there is a way to avoid all of the suffering to come. But Jesus still goes forward with God’s plan willingly. In the garden, we dispel the darkness of despair by submitting.

Thirdly we see Jesus at the “trials” where witnesses attempt to trap Him and give Him the death sentence. Despite all these false accusations, Jesus remains silent. In the trials, we dispel the darkness of manipulation by being silent.

Finally, Jesus was beaten, insulted, and sent to the cross – Jesus dispelled the darkness of our sin by His sacrifice.

Verses from the message:

John 12:46; John 13; Matthew 26:38-39; Hebrews 2:18; Luke 22:52-53; Matthew 26:59-63; John 19:6; John 19:30; Colossians 1:13-14

Big Idea: The story of God is always about dispelling darkness

Set List
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Let it be Known – Worship Central
This is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham
Give Me Faith – Elevation Worship
The Stand (bridge) – Hillsong Music
This I Believe (The Creed) – Hillsong Music
You Made a Way (instrumental) – Central Music

The Hour of Darkness

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