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I get asked all the time what the worship leaders do all week. No, we don’t spend our week sitting in a circle singing to God nor do we spend massive amounts of time writing poetry while getting in touch with our feelings. In fact our week is made up of sitting in front of a computer, meetings, to do lists, massive amounts of communication to dozens of musicians, vocalists and production staff in order to make sure our weekend services are excellent. We LOVE our jobs! But that doesn’t mean we don’t have our days when we just want to come home and pass out on the couch.

A few years ago I remember coming home from a long day of planning for our Easter services and saying to my wife at 7pm “I just want to go to bed.” She has been a pastor’s wife for over 10 years and knows during that season I could use the extra sleep. However, my 5-year-old daughter at the time caught me just before I went to my bedroom. She asked “Daddy, will you read a story to me?” To be quite honest I just wanted to go to bed. I love my daughter but she needs to understand that daddy needs his sleep…right? I of course said “yes” and proceeded to read a story that I have read to her a hundred times to her before. When we were all done she looked up at me and asked me to lean over so she could give me kiss. This made me realize that I may love my job and it is incredibly fulfilling even when it wears me out. But my real purpose in life is to be a husband and a father. So, when my daughter asked me to dance when I was exhausted it was like God telling me “Hey…knucklehead, this is important.” It is so important to make sure we create space for the things in life that count the most. Especially some quiet time with our creator and family time. I can guarantee you that life will shove a lot in your face each and everyday. It’s up to us to make sure only the good stuff gets through. The question is…what is the “good” stuff for you?

The Good Stuff

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