The Future is Bright

Adrian Darsee – Pastor of Worship Arts

I had the opportunity this last month to go and visit our high school and junior high students at their respective camps in Orange, California and Prescott, Arizona. My primary goal with these visits was to check in on the Central Music teams who were leading worship for those weeks. I love popping in to encourage and pray for the teams that are leading. SO much work goes into these moments of worship leadership, and a few words of appreciation and coaching can go a long way for my friends and teammates. This will be the third year that I have made these trips, and I must say I walked away from the camps this year with a different feeling than I have had in my previous two trips.

I remember this phrase coming into my mind at every turn: “The future is bright!” It’s not to say that the other years didn’t bring positive feelings, because they did. Camp is ALWAYS done well at Central. However, this year seemed like we had the opportunity to build a legacy for our student worship ministry—not just put something together from year to year. The team that led worship for junior high camp in Prescott was a perfect example of this. Out of the seven people who were on the team, six of them had either just graduated high school or are going to be seniors. The heart of these students is nothing short of inspiring. The stage can be a very dangerous place for the heart of a worship leader or musician—young or old. Our culture has programmed everyone to think that if you are on a stage you must be more important than everyone else in the room and that you must put on a good show. This is toxic! Especially for young worship leaders and church musicians who are trying to serve their church and point people to Jesus. We are very diligent in coaching all of our teams to avoid this trap. Our job as worship leaders is to become invisible, with God being at the center of our attention when we gather together corporately to sing songs of praise.

So…what about the teams at camp? They nailed it (by the way…the music was flawless). I could not be more proud of this crew! The future is bright. This bunch of students is setting the tone for worship ministry in our church. The future is bright. I am not only excited to see these students grow and develop as worship leaders and musicians, but I am REALLY excited to see the fruits of their guidance and mentorship of the students coming up behind them. The future is bright!

The Future is Bright

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