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Many, many…many moons ago I was a teenager on a worship team. I sang in the choir in the “big house” and I was given an opportunity to lead in the youth services. I was blessed by both opportunities and learned and grew a lot from both experiences. I look back on those memories with such fondness and I’m certain that those opportunities sparked a fire in me that still fuels my continued love for worship ministry now.

My hearts desire is to see the same opportunity that was given to me as a student now be given to our students at Central! Several years ago when I came on staff, even though student worship didn’t really fall under my umbrella of oversight I just couldn’t help but go and scope out what was going on and see who might already be ready, who needed some more development and so on. It’s taken a few years but I’m thrilled to say that on a weekly basis in the big house spread across 5 campuses we have 9 band members that were Central Students, they’ve grown in their skill and love for Jesus and now we get to enjoy worshipping with them each week!

We recently hosted a band audition for the worship team and 4 of the 5 auditions were from our student worship team and it was the best audition we’ve ever had to date! I walked away feeling like a proud, proud mama 🙂 We have some crazy talented vocalists & instrumentalists on our student worship team and the future is amazingly bright for our worship ministry as we continue to see them develop & grow and have the privilege of worshipping together.

Are you a Central student or the parent of a Central student and ever wondered if there is an age limit for the worship team in the “big house?” The answer is NO. And we do our best to make the team commitment as easy as possible on everyone (parents included.) There is a certain level of skill needed but if you audition and aren’t quite there yet, we’d be happy to tell you how to get there and encourage you and stay connected in the process until you get there! All you have to do is take the first step to tell us you’re interested, email us at auditions@centralaz.com for more info!

If you are a student or the parent of student and didn’t even know there is a student worship team and think that would be a great first step, contact our student worship ministry at csmcreative@centralaz.com and we will get you connected!

Looking forward to what God has in store!



The Future is Bright

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