The end and the beginning.

Nathan Del Turco | Associate Worship Pastor |

I was approached by a long time friend somewhat recently. She asked me if I would be willing to give her some advice on a career decision. Of course, I agreed. We met up some time later after the initial request. I can recall her seeming tired and worn out. She then began to explain an internal struggle that I think many of us can relate to.

She began to unpack how after many years, she wasn’t feeling fulfilled in her job anymore. Something had shifted. She began to explain how the things that used to bring life and fulfillment, now were draining and brought an immense amount of stress. She was drowning. Then, like a light switch was turned on, she began to divulge her desire to do something different with her career. She explained how she felt lead to work with local non-profits and foster care. She had no direction or business leads, just a desire. Then she asked me a question; “Am I allowed to quit?” You see, on top of a lot of people taking chances and pulling strings to get her, her current job, she had from the beginning felt “called” by God to do this. So, it made sense why she felt trapped.

I want to take a moment in light of this conversation to discuss something fundamental.

I want to discuss the difference between being “called” and being “led”.

For reasons of brevity, let’s make this really simple.

  • Your “Calling” is something you were made to do. It’s our IOS system one would say. God ordained. The bible tells us that we have everything we need to accomplish what He’s called us to. (2 Peter 1:3)
  • “Lead” or “Led” (for past tense) implies a direction and action. This is our assignment. The bible talks about us being “lead” by the Spirit. (Romans 8:14)

I think, more often than not, we mistake God’s “leading” us, as His “calling” on our lives. What I suggested to my friend, and what I’m challenging us in today, is not to allow our misunderstanding of God’s “calling” to distract us from God’s current “leading”.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

I love the way Pastor and Speaker Robert Madu puts it,

“Your job is something you are paid to do, but your calling is something you were made to do.”

I’ll give you a snap-shot of what this looks like in my life.

I’m a Worship Pastor. I’ve been on platforms of influence in this area since I was 18 years old. God’s constant leading in my life, has led me to know for a fact that leading musicians, worship leaders, and congregations is what He wants me to do. He equips me for it every day.

However, I would say that my “calling” isn’t to be a Worship Pastor.  (cue gasps)

My calling, beyond the shadow of a doubt, it to champion people, to love and add value to people, and to help people discover that they have a purpose in Jesus.

I truly believe that God could use me in any position, at any organization, to live out that calling.

So I’ll end with this. What’s your calling? What’s that deep down thing that you can’t seem to shake. What’s that common thread, woven throughout your life that God is constantly pointing you to. That’s your assignment, if you choose to accept it. Enjoy the ride, friends.

The end and the beginning.

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About The Author
- Nathan is the Associate Worship Pastor at Central. He lives in the Valley with his wife Stacey, and their two children, Alastair and Harbor.