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This weekend we ended our “Prayer Circles” series with a special message from Mark Batterson. Mark is the author of The Circle Maker on which the series was based as well as the speaker at our prayer conference on Friday.

In his message, Mark used Acts 10 to highlight the power and the history-changing results of prayer. As an example, if you are a Christian not of Jewish descent, that was only made possible through the prayers from Acts 10, nearly two thousand years ago!

Other themes from Mark’s message:

When you pray to God regularly, irregular things happen on the regular basis.

We want God to reveal the second step before we take the first step, but sometimes faith is taking the first step before you know what the second step is.

Don’t seek opportunity. Seek God. And opportunity will seek you.

Prayer is our most lasting legacy—there is no expiration date on our prayers. God continues to answer them long after we are long gone.

The Circle Maker

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