Steve Mass – Associate Worship Pastor

This last week I got to try out surfing for the first time. I used to snowboard and skateboard a lot so I figured it would be somewhat simple to pick up. A wave comes, you stand up, and ride it like a snowboard. Simple, right? Wrong. It was nothing like skating or surfing. There are so many different variables like being in the correct spot where the waves break, catching the wave at the right time, and positioning your feet correctly to name few.

I saw a correlation with how God takes us through new experiences. Sometimes we can think that going down a new path with can be easy and that we’ve been down similar paths so we’ve got it handled. That we’ve experienced enough life to be able to figure out how to solve the problem before we’ve even begun the journey. But God has a unique way of getting us to realize that we don’t have everything figured out. He needs time to mature us, to break old habits to teach us new ways to live.

Another thing I learned from surfing was that it takes patience. We need to be patient enough to let God work on His time, not ours. The journeys and trials we endure are necessary processes that can’t be rushed, otherwise we miss the whole point of the journey. We need to fall to learn how to get up and do it better the next time. God desires for us to live life to the fullest WITH his help, we just need to be patient enough to allow Him to work in us on His time.

Allow God to take you down new paths, be unassuming, and be patient.

Surf’s Up

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