Stairway to Heaven

Alex Enabnit – Programming Coordinator

This weekend we continued our Pixelated series, looking through Old Testament stories and seeing how they illuminate Jesus. Today we highlighted Jacob, a patriarch of the faith.

Reading through Genesis, we can get a clear picture that Jacob wasn’t a man of great integrity. In fact, because of his life, his name became synonymous with deceit! But reading in Genesis 28, as Jacob is fleeing from the consequences of his actions, God speaks to him in a dream. In this dream, Jacob sees a ladder or staircase ascending from heaven to earth. In the dream, God is at the top of this staircase as angels ascend and descend. This dream showed God reaching to man and became known to every descendant of Jacob.

In John 1:51, Jesus refers to this story, but he reveals a twist: Jesus identifies himself as the ladder! At first glance, it seems like he’s changing the story that everybody had grown up hearing about. But Jesus didn’t change the story, he actually revealed something that was previously pixelated. Jesus has always been the ladder; he’s always been the one who connects God to us.

So what can we draw from this? Jesus came so that we could have a direct relationship with God. He taught that he is the only way to God, so we need to stop trying to forge our own path. Being good enough, playing by our own rules, or following the world will never work.

Verses and quotes from the message:

Genesis 25:26; Genesis 27:36; Genesis 28:11-19; John 5:39-40; John 1:51; John 14:6; Matthew 7:13-14; John 1:11-12

“When you see Jesus, you see the heart of ultimate reality. Nothing more beautiful has been or can be revealed.” E. Stanley Jones

“The good news of Christianity is that on the first day of our relationship with Jesus Christ, we are as close to Him as we will ever be.” Dr. Andrew Farley

Big idea: Don’t miss God’s work to reach you because of your work to reach Him.


You Move – Central Music
Wide As the Sky – Matt Redman
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Turn Your Eyes – Helen Lemmel

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