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I’m one of those people who loves efficiency. If something can be streamlined, why take more time to accomplish the same task? You know as well as I do that time is precious! We only have so many hours in a day. That’s why efficiency makes so much sense to me.

This can be good and bad.

Our culture today is all about quick fixes and “5 easy steps to… (fill in the blank).” We even have a name for these strategies and ways to make life more efficient–“life hacks.” Why become entangled in blankets when you can reach through the cozy arms of your Snuggie to change the channel? Why change out of your pajamas when you can sport your new “pajama jeans” out in public (pajama jeans… they exist. I am not making this up). My favorite one lately is all the advertisements about how you can lose weight while keeping your unhealthy lifestyle. No need to exercise or change your eating habits. Wow! What a service! I don’t have to change a thing and–Presto!  I will still get the results I want.  Efficiency to the core.

All these life hacks are certainly attractive (although I still can’t wrap my mind around the pajama jeans – it just doesn’t seem right), but they can do a lot of damage if we carry them over to our spiritual lives.

Think about it. Do we ever treat our spiritual growth like something to be made more efficient? How can I pray, read the Bible, and go to church while remaining comfortable in my lifestyle and not changing anything? I know I have. I can see how culture has affected my expectations of God too. Ok, God, I’ve been praying about this request for a whole day… so why aren’t You answering?  Even a week or so will go by and I get frustrated that I haven’t heard an answer. But I need to remember again and again that God does not work in my time frame. He doesn’t answer to my schedule. His goal is not to make my life easier and more efficient. He desires for me to grow closer to Him and to follow Him. This may mean that certain areas will be a lifetime of growth and improvement, or a lifetime of faithfulness in prayer, even when I don’t see satisfying answers (so inefficient by the world’s standards). I would rather spend a lot of time knowing I am on track with God’s plan for my life than cut corners and try to make things easy.

You may have some awesome “life hacks” that I will scroll through and re-pin on Pinterest. But don’t waste time with anything that may be a “spiritual life hack.” It’s not worth your time!

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