Sitting in a Cave

Eric Ehmann – Associate Campus Pastor, Queen Creek

What has God stirred in you to do? The more important questions may be, do you have the fortitude to go after it?

Far too often I have seen friends and family surrounded by people who build boundaries and block passion. They say things like, “be serious,” “try something else,” or my personal favorite, simply ignoring the topic. I’d be lying if I said this has not happened in my own life. Well meaning, good people step into our lives with a heart of concern and proceed to tell us that we cannot take action or that we are childish. They believe they are helping us to see more clearly and that we just need some wise counsel. The result is a chipping away or the confidence in the call of God. The truth is often that they are more scared watching than you are doing.

This message, then, is not for the discouraged. This is for those who do the discouraging. Those who make it their place to block the path of those trying to follow the burning that God has placed within their heart.

Before the next time comes when you feel the need to “set someone straight” or “bring them down to earth,” consider this:

One of my favorite kings in history was anointed king likely between the ages of 13 and 15 (1 Sam 16:1-13). He did not become the king until he was 30 (2 Sam 5:4). That is 15 years of struggle, doubt and hope followed by hopelessness. That is 15 years of being doubted, discouraged and called a traitor. 15 years of fighting battles no one sees, acting like a crazy person and questioning, always questioning. 15 mixed years of serving a mad king, fighting for a mad king and running from that same mad king bent on his destruction. 15 years of people calling you a liar, telling you that it will never happen. At the same time, calling the old man who anointed you “crazy,’ a liar or worse. This probably included family and friends. It was 15 years of hiding in caves and wondering if this is his lot in life. Maybe you’ve been there yourself.

However; it was 15 years of honing his leadership, nurturing his skills as a warrior and building his character. 15 years of endurance, tears and most importantly faithfulness. Faithfulness to what he was made to be, faithfulness to those he lead and most of all, faithfulness to his God. It was 15 years of becoming.

The book of Samuel talks about David’s Mighty Men (2 Sam 23). These were the guys who believed in, bled with and fought for David. They may have doubted, they may have wanted to get him the kingdom in the wrong way, but they were there, sitting beside him in a cave helping him to believe.

So the next time you want to stand over someone and get them to be “realistic,” take a moment to decide if you want to “fix” someone because of your insecurities and regrets or if you want to be a mighty man or woman of valor for them. Are you the one to stand in the way or the one to stir someone to action?

In the midst of waiting, those who dare to follow their call to something greater have much to overcome. Being faithful can be lonely even when friends surround you. Being faithful requires more from you than anyone can understand. Being faithful makes you look mad and calls into question your character. With faithfulness comes discouragement. You may even wait in a dangerous setting. Being faithful asks more of you than you have ever thought. It asks more of those who love you too. Doubt will mount in friends and family alike.

History is filled with men and women who followed a call from God that looked foolish and reckless. Indeed, maybe we follow a reckless God. He did step out of heaven in order to step into the lives of people who reject him. Maybe what is needed is for more of us to come along side those following a crazy call from God and bear the burden with them. In my time in ministry, I have found few things as powerful, encouraging and needed as someone who sits next to you and tells you that they will believe with you.

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Sitting in a Cave

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