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I recently went to the opening football game at a local high school in Mesa. I’m from the Northwest and I’m used to breaking out the hand-warmers and hot chocolate for the first game. Everyone cheers and you have to wait while the frost from everyone’s breath settles. Okay, it’s not that bad. But, what I wasn’t used to was sitting in the stands watching a Fall Sport develop in front of me – all while I was sweating profusely. A Servant Minister brought snacks, which I ate out of habit, but it just didn’t feel like I thought it should have for the first game of the year.

We’ve been going through The Story – just in case you didn’t know J And I just taught a lesson on Abraham. I was thinking through the life of Abraham and all of the things he did in attempts to follow God’s plan. He was called by God to go to a land that he would be shown – way to go. He trusted God in a moment where he almost killed his promised son and God provided a way out – again, way to go. But, there were a lot of discrepancies in the middle. I think part of the reason is that Abraham knew, partly, what God was calling him to and some of the things that he was asked to do just didn’t feel right. But even if it doesn’t always feel right (like sweating at a fall football game) it doesn’t always mean that the event, the football game, or in this case God’s plan for Abraham – aren’t happening.

It takes faith. Faith to believe in what God has promised. Even if that means we feel like everything is wrong, we can know that God is faithful.

It’s tough to fight our natural urges, but it’s worth it in the end.

Seeing Past the Unlikely

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