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It’s wintertime in Arizona, but if you asked me I wouldn’t be able to tell you by walking outside. I was putting my son and daughter in their car seats the other day and literally started sweating! Either I’m super weak, or it’s a little hotter than I think it should be for late November. Both are probably a little bit true.

There are other things that make you aware of the change of a season. High School Basketball is about to get underway, the median age on the freeway has gone up significantly and Starbucks is leading the charge with their festive red cups. Thanksgiving and Christmas are definitely right around the corner. Thank you Starbucks, I have invested a lot of money in you for those seasonal change notices.

On another note, I have been thinking about my life in relation to following Jesus. The “seasonal changes”, if you will, that have happened over the course of the last 30 years of my life. Some of them have come in a very noticeable way like a hard Michigan Winter (I don’t know why I wrote Michigan, I’ve never even been there, but I’ve heard their winters are pretty cold) and others have been more subtle like April and early May around this part of the country. And, if I’m honest, my spiritual life has also gone through phases that feel like this so called winter we are experiencing. Here’s what I mean…

In my pursuit of Jesus I have realized that the years come and go, but he never changes. He is still the same Jesus he’s always been, ever faithful and full of grace. He is unchanging, but my actions toward and for him seem to ebb and flow. Have you ever experienced this? Why? I think a lot of times we want to follow Jesus with everything we have. We want to start checking off spiritual milestones like seasons on a calendar. But with the business of life, or that new relationship, or other priorities that seem more important, complacency starts to creep in until one day we realize something seems out of place – like sweating in late November.

You want to know my secret when I hit these moments? I open up the Word of God and just camp there. Pretty mind blowing huh? That’s it. I open up my Bible and ask God to move in my life. To make my heart desire what his heart desires. To see people the way that he does. To respond in a way that can only be explained by the sacrificial work of a loving Savior. The simple reality when you’re getting caught up in the monotony of life, or overtaken by the business that we call “normal”, or wondering why you haven’t marked off your latest spiritual season in a while is that the God of this universe is in the pages of the Bible. All we have to do is go looking for him.

I hope you make some time this Holiday Season to do just that. You may have a ton of other pressing things going on, but my challenge to you and me is to open up the Word of God and find joy in who he says he is. Winter is as good a season as any to start.


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