Scolding God

Emily Teterud – Marketing Coordinator

What do you do when you don’t hear from God?

Have you experienced seasons like I have where you pray and pray and pray, only to be disappointed at no clear answer or acknowledgement? Then, if you’re like me, the process of trying to make sense of it kicks in. You try not to be selfish, so you thank God more, and then sneak in your same prayer so you have more credibility with your request. Next, you mentally check the boxes to make sure you’ve been giving God time and that this request is a good thing to be asking. You find the verses that back you up on this being a “desire of your heart” that God wants to bless you with, so then the expectation sets in. God, why are you not answering? Am I so low on your list of miracles to work that I should just not worry about it? Did I not circle it enough in prayer? I want to say that you’re faithful in my life, but I literally can’t right now.

That’s where I stopped my train of thought the other day. I was literally saying that to God. “God, I know in my head that You are faithful, but I can’t really see that showing up in my life with any of my prayers being answered. So I don’t want to be lying to myself or to others. Are You really faithful to me?” Can you believe that? I was essentially scolding God for not following my directions, and I was whining about Him not being faithful in my life.

Here is what God taught me in that moment…or let’s be honest, here is what God continues to teach me when I’m back in that place of uncertainty:

  • He is faithful. His faithfulness does not depend on my ability to recognize it.
  • He loves me. His love does not depend on my ability to experience it.
  • He works miracles in me. God is not limited to my scope of what answered prayer looks like.

The big idea I’ve been wrestling with is this: God is who His is. He doesn’t start moving in my life only once I understand it. And if I was able to step back in those moments of frustration and doubt, I think I would begin to see that His idea of answering my prayer goes beyond the minuscule way I want to see change. The fact that He knows me inside and out, wants what is best for me, and knows how to mold and shape my character to reflect that gives me confidence that He is intentional about the way He answers my prayer.

It continues to be a newsflash to me that God is wiser than me and has plans for my life that are beyond my understanding. I want to be fully trusting in His timing and fully relying on His methods for how I can become who He wants me to be.

In the grand scheme of who God is, I believe He is answering bigger prayers than I could even think to pray. Read Romans 8:26-27. It will blow your mind:

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”

Could you ask for anything more than that? My prayer for you today (and for me) is that we will be encouraged by who God is. You may not feel answers to your prayers—and maybe you do! That’s cool too! But, praise the Lord, our God is not one who operates on feelings. His character remains, and I believe He continues to reveal Himself to us in His grace and love toward us. I don’t think any answered prayer we can think of compares to what He’s already given to us.

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Scolding God

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