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For the past seven weeks, we’ve been asking the question, “Where is God?” Today, we went to our roots.

Roots are an interesting part of a plant. They are rarely seen and barely noticed, yet they play such an important part for the plant that there would be no life without them. A similar statement could be made for us and our roots – those who faithfully followed God in the past.

Reading from Hebrews, Jeremy walked us through a section of the “Hall of Faith” in chapter 11. In this section, the author lists giants of the faith who “gained what was promised” and have incredible stories as a result. They are the success stories of the Old Testament that we love to read and re-read! But then the author describes others – those who suffered greatly, endured horrible pain, faced intense rejection, or were brutally murdered. These are the many Old Testament stories that are not fun to read, and are even sometimes painful to get through.

As we read these stories, and even as we go through life, we oftentimes subtly assume a formula: If we get results we want, God is with us and we’re doing our part. But if we don’t get results we want, we assume God isn’t with us or we’re not doing enough or we’re doing something wrong. But in the Bible we see that this is not true – the outcomes of life do not prove whether or not God is with us. God is here, now, regardless of our situation. The Book of Job is a great example of this.

But just like those “not so fun” stories in the Old Testament, we can read about how God was with them and understand that God is here for us now in our pain. These stories help give us roots to lean on when times are tough. But we can also rely on other Christians and find encouragement from them. And if times are good, that is a season where we can help provide strength and comfort for brothers and sisters in Christ who are struggling.

Strength and stability can be found in roots. Are you rooted in your faith?

Verses and quotes from the message:

Romans 15:4; Hebrews 11:1-2, 32-40

Imagine Dragons

Don’t throw stones at me
Don’t tell anybody
Trouble finds me
All the noise of this
Has made me lose my belief

I’m going back to my roots
Another day, another door
Another high, another low
Rock bottom, rock bottom, rock bottom
I’m going back to my roots

Had to lose my way
To know which road to take
Trouble found me
All I look forward
Washed away by a wave

I’m going back to my roots

Big idea

Set List

Only King Forever – Elevation Worship
Resurrecting – Elevation Worship
Cornerstone – Hillsong Music
Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) – Hillsong Music

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