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I enjoy cooking. I’m no Monte Hunt, but I can hang in the kitchen with the best of ’em. In our house, one of our go to sides with our dinners is some sort of rice. Wild Rice, Brown Rice, and in this instance, Rice Pilaf was our rice of choice. If you didn’t know this, most every prepackaged meal comes with instructions for cooking. Now, I’ve cooked rice pilaf before, but I neglected to notice that this time around we picked up a “Family Size” box which has a different recipe to accommodate the larger size. So, in normal guy fashion, I disregard the instructions and make up a recipe that I think works. Typically this would have been totally fine except I forgot for a moment that I had a hungry wife awaiting food to eat for dinner. As you might have guessed, I destroyed a perfectly good box of rice pilaf and we were missing part of our dinner. Somehow, half of the rice was cooked and half was not. Don’t ask me how, thats just what happened.

Why do we disregard instructions? Why even HAVE instructions? For me, instructions can make me feel stupid or inadequate and can result in over reactions toward the giver of the instructions.
“How dare you, box of rice pilaf, tell me how to cook you? You’re just a box of rice, what do you know?”
In the midst of my insane (and sarcastic) thought process I neglected to think that someone has probably tested this recipe before and found the best way to make this work. A specific set of instructions that are almost foolproof, and will give you the desired taste and enjoyment.
We do this all the time in our journey with God. We have the instructions in the Bible to living a Christ-like life, but feel like we know best and choose our own instructions to follow. Anytime I’ve ever gone down that route, God has quickly reminded me that I did not write out the instructions. There are people that God has placed in my life that are further in their journey, and have seen the benefits or repercussions of choosing certain paths.
Instructions protect us from potentially dangerous and harmful situations.
Instructions lead to enjoyment and satisfaction.
Instructions keep us from getting hungry.
Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord. – Proverbs 16:20
God is calling us to trust His instructions in His word. Are you going into the Bible to understand how to work through struggles, deal with pain, find peace or enlightenment? It takes a lot of humility to be teachable and if you aren’t, I’m willing to bet that there will be a point of humility in your life. I know I’ve been there. We need to be in a posture to receive instruction to grow in our walk with God. Otherwise we are cooking rice without instructions. And what does that get you? Soggy and crunchy rice. Yum 🙂

Rice Pilaf

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