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This won’t be an earth-shattering post but I wanted to share an observation I had the other day that might benefit some. Recently my wife and I bought a house, yay!, and we’re so excited to plant roots and begin a new journey in life. We had saved some money to do some remodeling when we bought a home to help personalize it a little more for us. We dove headfirst into this home and began working on a few projects, one of our biggest being raising the ceiling in our kitchen. Being 6’4″, having a 7′ ceiling in my kitchen wasn’t going to work too well so a friend of ours informed us that we could “simply” raise the ceiling. Now the work hasn’t been bad. A little insulation itch, a little near death electrical work… no sweat. But here’s where I started correlating this project with life. As we start The Story, our first talk is about Creation and the genesis of who we are, and I was reminded of a scripture.

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, [even] his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse” – Romans 1:20

Looking at the insides of my home made me think about how intricately homes are made so that we can have things like AC, shelter from weather, a place to sleep etc. Starting from the framework of the home down to the outlet covers.

Everything has a purpose.

We are designed similarly.

God gave us lungs, tissue, heart, eyes, tongue, to function and experience all the other creations He’s made on this earth. But sometimes we mess things up and go our own way, thinking its the best route. We install ceilings that are only fit for hobbits. And sometimes we need to allow God to do a remodel on us. Sometimes we need to be broken down and torn apart to see how to be put back together. Jesus died so that His spirit would live within us, a new creation, reconciled with God.

As we come to weekend services, know that you were beautifully and thoughtfully made, more glorious to God than all the stars and mountains and that you are loved beyond belief.

See you at church!


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