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The Christmas of my freshman year of college was the day of our first introduction. Under the tree had been a small box with my name on it and upon opening that box, I found keys…keys to my beautiful new car. “Beautiful” is not the word most would use when they saw my 1968 Chevy Nova, unless you had a taste for sun-faded pea-green paint, stained vinyl white tops, and a decomposed interior that you had to brush off your clothes every time you exited the vehicle.  “New” would not be accurate either as I drove it around the block for the first time to discover that the engine block was cracked and it had water in the oil pan. I didn’t need a class in Automotive Mechanics to know it needed a new engine before it went anywhere. It was almost immediately that it received its official name (don’t we all name our first cars?) – Booger.

Booger got a new engine over that Christmas break followed by a paint job and a new interior over summer break. A little elbow grease and some money set aside and I had a new car. It was no Chip Foose “Overhaulin’” job, but I was proud of it.

Don’t you wish that life was as simple as restoring an aged and broken-down vehicle. We all know it is not. Yesterday, I prayed over the 13 month old son of close friends whose body is riddled with cancer. My cousin is awaiting test results on a mass found on her daughter’s spine. Counseling appointments are a regular part of our week for betrayed trust within marriages, financial needs or seeking answers to questions that have eluded people for years. It can be overwhelming at times. We live in a broken world.

As I read Scripture; however, this was never God’s intention. The beginning (Genesis 1 &2) starts with God’s perfection – a perfect environment with a perfect relationship. The end (Revelation 23) concludes with God’s perfection – a perfect environment with a perfect relationship. Perfection to perfection.  I get stuck in the middle. It’s where I live. I get stuck staring at the results of the world’s brokenness and sin. That is why I needed Cal’s message from the book of Ruth this weekend. I needed to get my eyes off of the brokenness and refocus on God’s redemption and restoration because sometimes I forget that God lives between the perfect beginning and the perfect ending right alongside of me. This is where He does His finest work. Anyone can work with perfection, but it takes a master to restore something to better than it was before.

Redemption & Restoration

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