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Culture-of-ReassuranceRecently I have had several counseling conversations with people that resulted in an epiphany for me. Every person and couple had varying issues, but the solution came down to the same thing. Everyone needed reassurance.

Reassurance breeds trust and confidence. For one it offers hope. For another it offers peace of mind and heart. Still yet for another it gives strength to persevere. The definition of reassurance is the action or removing someone’s doubts or fears. Wow, I don’t think that most of us realize that we have that kind of power. With just a few well spoken words of reminder we are literally able to rid people of their fears and doubts.

It is no wonder that our God and the fathers of our faith offered so much reassurance to us throughout the Scriptures. I was reading I John 3 the other day and just in this chapter alone the phrase “This is how we know” was written 4 times. It seems John was trying to reassure his readers of the truths that had already been communicated to them. They not only needed to be reminded, but also reassured of their status with God. “And this is how we know that He lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us.” This statement is echoed by Paul and Jesus (See also Ephesians 1:13-14 & John 14:15-17). John challenges these followers of Christ to examine their hearts to see if the Spirit lives in them and if so to take heart that they are indeed of Christ and guaranteed of the inheritance that is to come. If the God the Spirit is with them now then they can rest assured that they will be with God in full, then. This simple truth is incredibly empowering and all it takes is a little reassurance.

This profound principle is effective not only in regards to our salvation. It also has incredible effect in our everyday practical situations and relationships. Test out the art of reassurance and see if it doesn’t result in incredible good. When was the last time you reassured your wife of your commitment to her? Have you reassured your teen lately how much you love them even when they are driving you crazy?  My little girl comes up to me periodically and says, “You know what?” and she waits for my response, “I love you, Dad!”  I have no doubt that it is true and vice versa.  Have you ever reassured your boss of your loyalty to the company and the team? Do you need to reassure a friend of the growth you have seen in their life or offer some reassurance about a sin struggle you shared with them. There is power in this concept. Who are you going to offer some reassurance to today?


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