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This weekend, we welcomed Rachel Cruze to Central to share about healthy money habits, according to what God teaches in His Word. Beginning with a perspective of stewardship, Rachel laid out five healthy habits regarding money.

The idea of a steward is one we often use to describe our role in handling money. Back in the days when the Bible was being translated, a steward was an actual role within the community. The “Lord” oversaw what was called a realm, and second in line was the “steward,” who didn’t own any of the land or resources, but managed it for the Lord.

This launches us into our understanding of what we do with our money and resources, with a biblical perspective.

The first habit is to quit the comparisons. Comparison is a road that leads to debt, as we try to keep up with the Jones’ and end up spending money we don’t have just to keep up with what we see in others’ lives. Social media is a huge way comparison can sneak in, so Rachel encouraged us to instead turn to a heart of gratitude. When our hearts are full of gratitude, it’s hard to leave any room for discontentment.

The second habit to keep in mind is to steer clear of debt. With the picture of chains, Rachel reminded us that the borrower is slave to the lender. When we are in debt, we don’t have options with our money. Our loans and our payments dictate those choices unfortunately. So, our reaction, according to scripture, should be to run like a gazelle fleeing from its hunter!

The third habit is to make a plan for your money. Assign each dollar a category. Without budgeting, it’s really difficult to be able to steward our resources well.

Fourth, we are encouraged to save like you mean it! Without this priority, we will be unable to remain out of debt. And the result of simply spending everything we make is what the Bible refers to as a fool.

Lastly, Rachel encourages us to give a little…until you can give a lot. Our goal as believers should be to continue to grow more and more like Jesus. His generosity sets an example for us to follow.

As we continue to learn what it means to be wise with our money, remembering these habits will be great stepping stones for a successful outcome.

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Rachel Cruze

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