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We often sing about the love of Jesus in Church, as a worship team we are very focused on singing songs that are Christ centered, Christ focused and often times those songs mention the love of Jesus. I was thinking about this incredible love a few months back and how sometimes it can be hard to grasp, hard to wrap my mind around. I know what earthly love is, I know what it is to love someone, I have parents & siblings whom I love and they love me, I have a husband of 17 years whom I love and he loves me, I have children, my son Jacob is 11 and my daughter Jessa is 9. I love them and they love me, a lot! But God’s love is greater than even that love…an incredible thought. It was just something I had been pondering on and then something happened…

It was a rushed morning around my home trying to get breakfast made, lunches, backpacks, and water bottles packed and get the kids ready and out the door. I had no time to do anything with myself and it was my day to drive the kids to school. So, I was “as is” if you will. I grabbed the keys to the car, opened the front door when my son stopped, looked at me and said….”Mom, are you sure you don’t want to go throw some makeup on before we head out?” You see, my son is in the 6th grade now and he’s paying a bit more attention to what his friends think. When I take him to school the kisses goodbye aren’t what they once were, they are more what I would call ninja kisses, they hit you quick and are gone before you even saw them. He glances around to see maybe who all caught the kiss and wondering if a pic of it might be posting to Instagram anytime soon you know what I’m saying. But, he’s also aware that his friends are seeing his mother and he’d prefer that I “pretty it up” before his friends see me. And my son loves me, I mean really loves me and I love him, and I still really love him even after that comment. Hahaha.

And this is when the Lord spoke to my heart about the difference with His love. His love is not having to pretty yourself up, you come… just as you are, he takes you “as is” all day, everyday. When we come together for a weekend service I wonder how many folks feel like they have to pretty it up before they can be a part. And I’m not talking about makeup anymore. How many of us don’t feel good enough as we are, that we don’t deserve or aren’t allowed to sing the songs or clap or pray or raise your hands or greet or serve communion or take communion or give because of what you’ve done or things you’ve said or things you’re going through. Matthew 11:28 says,

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Last time I checked, weary and burdened didn’t look so pretty and that’s ok.

In case you want to know what my response to my son was, it was “NO, I’m going just like this.” No matter what you’re going through in life I pray that you’ll find yourself saying the same thing. I’m going just like this… whether that be about coming to weekend services, participating in services, serving, being in a LifeGroup, no one is asking you to pretty it up. We’re inviting you to come just as you are. Jesus loves you and we love you too.

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