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tatoos on fingersThere are occasions in the life of the church when you truly sense that God is transforming and deepening the richness and culture of his church. This is what I and quite a few others felt recently when we experienced our prayer series titled The Circlemaker. Being challenged together to pray each day specifically and intentionally left a mark on many of us. Perhaps the highlight of this series was having Mark Batterson, the author of the book The Circlemaker, join us as a guest teacher as we wrapped up the series. And perhaps the highlight of Mark’s teaching was his challenge to combine prayer and fasting together whenever you sense an extraordinary need of God’s grace and intervention. When these two disciplines are combined together they heighten our sense of dependence and need of God, as well as sharpening our focus on Him.

Therefore, the Elders of Central and I want to ask you to join us as we pray and fast together this coming Thursday, May 1st. This has been designated as the National Day of Prayer. We want to have a church-wide day of prayer and fasting on behalf of both the needs of our country and of our church. Please understand, this is not a program and it is not a special service we are holding. It is a day of emphasis to intentionally petition God (BTW… our Prayer ministry will be meeting as they usually do on this Thursday night, 7PM, in the Chapel at Mesa. Drop in and participate if you are so inclined!).

So what are we asking specifically? Throughout this coming Thursday, stop whatever you are doing and pray on purpose (see some issues you can pray about listed below). In addition, if you are able, go the entire day without food (or anything else you choose to deny yourself for the sake of focusing). Use the extra time you created by not eating to pray, and the hunger pangs as a reminder to do so!

I do hope that you will join our Elders, Prayer Ministry, and me in making this a very special day of prayer. On this day, I will also be joining other pastors as we meet with our Governor and specifically pray for her. Let’s all make this a day of praying together!

What to pray for? A few ideas:

  • Pray for our President, Senate, House, and local government officials. Please specifically pray for our Governor, Jan Brewer. Pray for wisdom and integrity for and in all.
  • Pray for the state of our country morally. Pray specifically about anything God lays on your heart concerning this. Where do you want God to intervene? Pray for this!
  • Please pray for state of our economy and all the effects this has on our citizenry.
  • Please pray for our church and her ministry. Pray for our leaders. Pray for specific ministries that come to mind.
  • Pray for each of our five campuses, the staff of that campus, and the people who make up that congregation (Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Glendale, Ahwatukee).
  • Pray for all the people who make up our church. Pray that God would become more and more the focus of all our lives.
  • Please pray for the outreach of our church both locally and internationally. Pray that we truly seek to bring the good news of God to all.

I am excited to see how God uses us to make a difference during this time of praying and fasting. May God radically change our hearts and minds as we participate together on this special day.

A Time to Pray and Fast

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