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My cell phone battery is the absolute worst. The battery drains at what I feel is lighting speed, so I have to have it plugged in nearly all day to maintain power. All of my poor friends & family all have to bear with me asking to borrow a wall charger, a car charger, a mobile charger, etc. when I find my phone nearing death and don’t happen to have my own charger handy. The trick with my phone is that there is no telling when it will jump from 43% to instant dead, 25% to instant dead, 17% to instant dead, 5% to instant dead. There’s just no telling, so I plug it in to prevent the instant death phenomenon that is my phone.

One Saturday afternoon I was walking up to our Mesa campus for service after what had been a long and draining week. I was looking forward to being in the service and I thought to myself… oh my goodness… I am my cell phone! When I pray, when I read His Word, when I come to church, when I hear teaching from His Word, when I sing, when we worship together, I always feel completely charged and as soon as I unplug from any of it I immediately start to drain and sometimes at lighting speed.

Why was I completely drained by Saturday? Was I not plugging in? And the answer that week was yes. You see, I always have the best intentions to spend time during my day in prayer and reading the Word, spending personal time in worship, neighboring and serving others but did you catch that I said “intentions.” I’m a full-time working Mom, with two active tweens and a husband who works crazy hours, so most days I pop up out of bed and hit the floor running and I run right past my own “charger” until it hits me… 43% to instant dead, 25% to instant dead, 17% to instant dead, 5% to instant dead. Something I know about myself is that I have to start my morning with plugging in to God but that’s how I work because if I don’t start my day like that, my to-do list takes over and I will be unplugged all day. But, that’s how I work. How do you work? What charges you in your walk with God? Unlike cell phones, we can’t borrow a charge from anyone. If you find yourself drained, you might need to ask yourself… am I plugged in?

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you-they are full of the Spirit and life. – John 6:63

Plugged In

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