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In week two of our “Not a Fan” series, we asked the question, “Do you know Jesus or do you just know about Him?”

When it comes to our spiritual lives, we can appear to others as being really close to God without actually being close to God. There was a group during the time of Jesus called the Pharisees that was respected for their spirituality by everyone. They were public figures who followed all the rules, separated themselves from the “unclean,” and were considered spiritually superior in every way. They knew a LOT about God, and a lot about scripture! The funny thing is, Jesus had more harsh things to say about this group than anybody he came into contact with. This is because he knew their hearts; Jesus knew that it was all an act! The Pharisees appeared to be incredibly close to God, but in reality they were full of hypocrisy.

What are we supposed to do with this information? Cal gave seven statements to close his message – seven points to take to the bank if you want to be a follower and not a fan:

  1. God wants you to know Him…personally
  2. Knowing about God is not knowing God
  3. Hypocrisy is the byproduct of knowing about God but not following Him
  4. Spiritual people don’t have anything to prove
  5. Spirituality isn’t about image
  6. The truth is in the fruit
  7. Deal with your issues, not those of others

Verses from the message:

2 Chronicles 16:9; Matthew 5:20; Matthew 7:28-29; Matthew 21:23; Matthew 23:13-32; Matthew 15:7-9; Jeremiah 9:23-24; 1 Samuel 16:7; Matthew 7:16-17; Matthew 7:20

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