By Corey Bullock – Ahwatukee Campus Pastor

The past couple weeks have been good but hard as a pastor.  Our campus has been overwhelmed with an increase of needs from hurting people.  Single moms in the middle of job changes.  Cancer patients fighting for their lives.  A family that can’t make it to church because they don’t have enough gas money.  Relationship challenges that need correcting.  I shared some of these anonymous needs as prayer requests in our weekly W1234 that goes out to the Ahwatukee crew.  Half the time, I’m not sure people even read these weekly updates!  However, the response that I received overwhelmed me in a good way.

Increased needs revealed provides opportunity for action.

I received several replies to the email that were all asking the same question: how can I help?  As I shared some of the specific needs, these proactive people jumped on the opportunity to bless those in need.  Later that week a friend stopped me and revealed to me another need and then volunteered to cover the cost.  Best yet, I stopped to visit one of our members in the hospital thinking I might be the only one to visit.  To my surprise, there was an entire life group (not his) that had decided to move their group to his hospital room for the evening.  Now that’s what I mean by “being the church.”

20130815_185912Issues are hard, illnesses are trying, but it is in the difficult times of this life that we as “the church” have the greatest ability to shine.  Are you aware of any needs around you that you can meet today?  You just might be the light to someones dark day.

Opportunity for Action

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