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If you attended a Central service last weekend we heard the challenge from Jeremy to be open to people. Many of us live in neighborhoods where it is very easy to wake up, get ready for work, get in our car in our garage, drive to work, do our business, drive home, park in our garage, make dinner, go to bed – and never come into direct contact with another person the entire day. So for many of us this challenge is very real: are we open to truly allowing people into our lives? Or are we content with simply waving at the stranger across the street as we take out the trash on Wednesday morning like always. 

God designed us to be communal. He is a communal God Himself: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So it stands to reason that people need other people. Introvert and extrovert alike, we all need someone other than ourselves for which to travel through life. And maybe you have that, maybe not. But I guarantee you there is a neighbor, co-worker, or classmate you know that does not have this. They may not show the signs up front, but they are alone and they need someone to reach out to them. And I promise you won’t have to look far. They live in your neighborhood, and they may even live right next door or across the street. So take the time to actively get to know your neighbors. There are so many cool God stories woven throughout our church’s history that started with a simple, “Hello, my name is…”

Speaking of God stories, there are bound to be many happening this coming weekend at Central: March 28th & 29th. A few times a year the leadership of Central dedicates a weekend of services to the call of repentance and baptism. This is such an amazing opportunity for all of us to invite our neighbors and friends to experience this along side us. Perhaps your friend you invited is already a baptized believer. Great! Then they get to rejoice along with us at how our awesome God changes people and makes us new again. Or maybe they are still searching for God. Also awesome!  God’s spirit may move them to make a decision to follow Christ! The point is this: INVITE. Invite no matter the circumstances; it’s always a good idea.

A wise person once said, “Never say someone’s ‘no’ for them.” There is real truth to that thought. Whether we think someone will say yes or no should have no bearing on whether or not we present the question. After all, this could be their time. This could be there moment to start living for Jesus. So just ask. The worst that could happen is they say no. At least they said it for themselves. But the best thing that can happen is their life could be changed. So let’s do our part and allow our great God to use us as He changes lives.

Open Invitation

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