Of Myths and Money

Alex Enabnit – Programming Coordinator

This weekend we kicked off a brand new series called “Money Wise” to talk about the crucial topic of good stewardship.

With all of the opinions and misconceptions about money, there’s a lot of theories about how money should be handled. But one thing is pretty clear: the way the world handles money and the way God wants us to handle money are radically different. In a lot of ways when it comes to money, normal is nuts! So to combat some misconceptions about money, Cal highlighted four money myths and gave the truth that disproves each myth.

Myth #1 All the church wants is my money
Truth: The church talks about money because Jesus talked about money

Myth #2  The more money I have, the happier I will be
Truth: Money can’t and money won’t make you truly happy

Myth #3 Wealth will provide for me the lasting security I long for
Truth: Money provides no security…only God does!

Myth #4  It’s my money and I can do with it whatever I want
Truth:  God carefully watches what we do with his resources; He entrusts more to those who prove trustworthy.

Verses and quotes from the message:

Matthew 6:21; Matthew 6:24; Ecclesiastes 5:10; Proverbs 23:5; Luke 12:16-21; Hebrews 13:5-6; Philippians 4:19; Matthew 25:28-30; Luke 16:12; Matthew 7:24-27

“I would gladly give all my millions for just one lasting marital success.” J. Paul Getty

“I have made many millions, but they have brought me no happiness.” John D. Rockefeller

Big Idea: When it comes to money, NORMAL IS NUTS!!!

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