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Last night I spent what might well be the longest single hour of my life. I did it for a friend. I was in a store, and not just any store. It happened like this. Lisa and I were in London and we were in the world famous Harrod’s Department Store. Please understand, I didn’t really want to be in Harrod’s but it was important to my friend (no not Lisa—another friend who we were with) that we spend at least an hour there. Because this is how friendship works we had no problem cooperating.  How long can an hour take? A long time!

I now understand how some people feel when they go to Cabela’s with me. I simply can’t get enough of Cabela’s.  When I’m there I’m never in a hurry to leave. The wrong kind of people don’t like to come with me; the right kind of people don’t mind. So let’s just say I am the wrong kind of person for Harrod’s. Way wrong.

If you’ve never been there, let me try to describe Harrod’s to you. Since it’s pretty much indescribable this is a real challenge. The store is huge and it has four different floors. Each floor is itself massive and is broken up in to mini “stores” – departments. You leave one and you enter the next. What they carry is without a doubt impressive. It’s all high end stuff and it’s every kind of stuff you can imagine (except the really good stuff that Cabela’s carries). It has perfume, jewelry, clothes, appliances, toys, tea, wine (I saw bottles of wine costing thousands of pounds!), cigars, meat (yes… MEAT – like quail and rabbit!), etc., etc., etc. It’s truly mind blowing. Nothing is cheap and it’s all classy.

Well, it so happens that we were fortunate to be there at this time of year, just before Christmas! This store goes all out for Christmas. Harrod’s gives Macy’s store envy. They decorate and light the outside of it beautifully and they have gorgeous window displays on the street. I’m sure it doesn’t take much imagination to get an idea of how well it’s decked out on the inside. One of the stores inside is dedicated to Christmas and its mind blowing with all the Christmas decorations they sell. They sell everything! Well almost.

As Lisa and I walked through the “Christmas Shop” together we both made an observation.  It wasn’t hard to make. There was nothing, and I mean NOTHING, about Christ. No Jesus anywhere! There was not a manger scene to be seen. Not a baby Jesus was to be found anywhere in the building. Not a wise man, not an angel, not a Christmas cow a lowing, not a Saint Nick, not even a little drummer boy a drumming. None of the above. Zip. Nada.

I tell you all this to tell you we did discover what the next “rage” with Christmas is going to be. We saw the future. We figured it out and I’m going to share it with you. Ready? It’s about bears. Yep. Bears. Christmas bears. Bears were everywhere. Christmas is going to become about bears. You heard it here first! Mark my word. They have the hugest bear I’ve ever seen in my life (see the picture below—see the person in the picture to get a perspective).

Why not make Christmas about bears after all? Easter has become about bunnies, so let Christmas be about bears! Many people cannot imagine an Easter without the bunnies, so Christmas will become about the bears. Will the Christmas bear visit your house? I guess it depends on how you’ve behaved.

In just a matter of a few weeks, you will get a chance to decide what Christmas is going to mean for you and your family. Yes, you will decide and no one else will do if for you. If you want it to, it can be one of the most meaningful times of praise, adoration and appreciation of our Savior we have during the year. Of course this is what Christmas is about, what it is really all about. I will grant you for many it’s just another holiday that the world celebrates, for true Christians is a most special time of wonder and worship and reflection.

Why not take your Bible out right now and read Luke 2:1-20. It’ll set the stage for the season. It’ll get you focused. Spoiler alert! You’ll find no bears.

What will Christmas be for you this year?

Of Bears and Bunnies

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