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We’re on the homestretch of The Story! This weekend Cal talked us through Acts and the early church.

Many people have skewed ideas about church today, which is why it’s important to look at the early church – the church that Jesus started – and see how they operated. In the Book of Acts we can see two big ideas of what the church should be about:

  1. A community that is committed to one another and to God
  2. movement with a mission and a very clear purpose

We also see three characteristics of the early church:

  1. They were selfless
  2. They were fearless
  3. They were limitless

I would encourage you to read the Book of Acts and see for yourself how powerful the early church was despite all the persecution. Following God always involves embracing risk, but the return will always be greater!

Verses and quotes from the message:

Acts 1:8-11; Acts 2:1-13; Acts 2:22-24; Acts 2:36-38; Acts 2:40-42;Acts 2:44-47; Acts 4:32-35; Acts 4:29; Acts 5:17-18; Acts 5:27-30; Acts 10:34-35; Acts 11:18;

“Church exists primarily not to provide entertainment or to build self-esteem or to facilitate friendships but to worship God. If it fails in that it fails.” Philip Yancey

“We tend to think of church as a kind of theater: we sit in the audience, attentively watching the actor onstage who draws every eye to himself. If sufficiently entertained, we show our gratitude with applause and cheers.” Søren Kierkegaard

Big Idea:  Following God always involves embracing risk.

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Amazing Grace – New Day
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My Heart is Yours – Kristian Stanfill
Jesus Paid it All – Kristian Stanfill

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