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What is your usual reaction when you feel overwhelmed, stressed, discouraged or disappointed? Some of us would say a quick prayer, others would maybe connect with a close friend, but a lot might say that we let those feelings bleed into our whole day affecting everything and everyone with whom we interact. This is one of Satan’s tricks that he loves to play on people. For some reason, we allow ourselves to forget every promise that we have been given by God and just feed on our fear, disappointment, and stress. We think that our world is caving in and it is up to us to put it back together. This lie from Satan is also, in my opinion, the number one reason fights happen in our relationships.

I was wrestling with some of these feelings last week and my wife encouraged me to spend some time alone with God, my Bible, and my guitar. During this time I prayed to God for guidance and reassurance. After my prayer, I came across a song and it was just what I needed hear from God. It was a perfect reminder of who God is and the power we have through the Holy Spirit. I hope this song by The Rend Collective speaks to you the same.

More Than Conquerors

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